The MeerKAT Absorption Line Survey
The MeerKAT Absorption Line Survey (MALS) is one of the ten large surveys to be carried out with the MeerKAT radio telescope in South Africa.  The MeerKAT array consists of 64 receptors with 13.5m dishes, designed to achieve high sensitivity and imaging dynamic range.  Until the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) phase-I is completed, MeerKAT will be the most sensitive telescope at cm wavelengths.    
The MALS is allocated 1655 hrs of MeerKAT time to carry out the most sensitive search of HI and OH absorption lines at 0<z<2, the redshift range over which most of the evolution in the star formation rate density takes place.  The key science themes of the survey are: (1) Evolution of atomic and molecular gas in galaxies and relationship with star formartion rate density, (2) Fueling of AGN, AGN feedback and dust-obscured AGNs, (3) Variation of fundamental constants of physics, (4) Evolution of magnetic fields in galaxies, and (5) Physical modeling of the ISM, Astrochemistry and Cosmology. Due to the excellent sensitivity of the MeerKAT telescope, MALS will also deilver an extremely sensitive HI 21-cm emission, radio continuum and polarization survey to address a wide range of issues at the forefront of galaxy evolution research.